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Context and goals

The primary purpose of the 1rst International ICT and Education Conference is to provide a space for reflection on practice and integration of curriculum innovation in Portuguese schools and other training and learning situations.

Current supply of Portuguese schools with computing resources is reaching acceptable levels, which brings up accuracy issues related to how ICT can be integrated into the regular practice of both students and teachers, with which specific goals and implications on the various dimensions of the teaching and learning, such as classroom strategies and management, School organization, or even at a macro level, where decisions about programs and other relevant aspects for the School are taken.

More than the mere use of technology for the tasks commonly required from our students, we intend to focus the debate and reflect on the potential of ICT to induce innovation and change in Education.

Building on practice and research pinpointing diverse experiences and realities, both national and international, the 1rst International Conference on ICT and Education pursues four main objectives:

  • Disseminate curricular innovation with ICT, developed in Portuguese schools and other contexts of training and learning;
  • Reflect on the most appropriate ways for documenting, communicating and disseminating such practices;
  • Analyze the current research, and discuss empirical work on creative and innovative use of ICT in Education;
  • Identify priority areas for intervention and research, in order to contribute to the full use of digital resources available both within and outside the school.

Target audience

The purpose of ticEDUCA2010 is to bring together researchers and practitioners involved in training, teaching and learning with ICT. The Conference also aims to nurture and support doctoral students in the area of ICT for educational or training purposes.
Corporations responsible for content production or other processes of supporting learning and training are also welcome to present their products (contact the Secretariat of the Meeting by E-mail:

Ex-libris MENEZ