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Algumas palavras bonitas

by ticEDUCA2010 on November 23rd, 2010

Aqui ficam algumas palavras bonitas que entretanto fomos recebendo.

A primeira é do próprio Prof. Dias de Figueiredo:

“Tentei despedir-me, antes de regressar a Coimbra, mas não consegui encontrá-lo. Aqui fica, assim, a minha despedida, com um sincero aplauso por uma conferência tão bem organizada, tão participada, tão agradável e tão oportuna. Peço-lhe que transmita também aos seus companheiros de organização e aventura os meus sinceros parabéns.”

O Prof. Richard Andrews disse:

“Dear Fernando and Joao Pedro, I wish to thank you both for inviting me to ticEDUCA2010. Not only was it a brilliantly organized conference – it was also intellectually stimulating (although my Portuguese is minimal, the synaptic connections were in action :) ). It was a pleasure to meet you both, and also your colleagues and students from the University and from across Portugal.”

Também a Dra. Helen Barrett escreveu no seu blogue:

“It is always interesting to get another perspective on my work from another country. I provided the opening keynote for ticEDUCA 2010 sponsored by the University of Lisbon, Portugal, their First International Meeting devoted to the problems of using ICT for learning. It was literally standing room only during the opening session… the largest group I have addressed in years (including the AAEEBL conference in July). By a show of hands at the beginning of my keynote, about half of the room were K-12 teachers, the other half were from higher education. The meeting had one distinction: the hashtag #ticeduca2010 (ICT and Education Conference)  was tweeted more than the Summit Meeting of NATO at Lisbon being held at the same time. I guess the followers of the NATO conference are not active on Twitter, like these educators are! Their blog points out the highlights of the conference. I left the social dinner prior to the music! Jet lag overpowered me in the middle this four day trip!”

Numa mensagem de correio electrónico, o Prof. José Luís Rodríguez Illera afirma:

“espero que hayas sobrevivido al congreso! La verdad es que han sido unos días muy intensos. En fin, felicidades por el éxito y el trabajo bien hecho.”

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